Data is our Passion


Data Insights is a Munich based IT consulting company that focusses on providing a tangible value for its clients trough data by implementing a holistic consulting approach.  


Our Vision is to extract the value that lies hidden within your data, through technical and case specific Data expertise.


We specialize in

  • Big Data, MPP, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analysis
  • Data - models and architectures, like Data Vault, Lambda
  • Technologies, like Hadoop, NoSQL, Hive, Spark, Kafka, etc..

Valuable information and innovation driven products are the results of our work. 


Consulting Approach and Services


Various forms and volumes of data are being ingested by our Data Engineers within the company internal Data Factory. 


The goal of the Insights Laboratory is to achieve valuable Insights through processing and working with Raw Data. 


In a further step, we collaborate closely with our clients to identify their needs and work to generate and implement a strategic direction that provides our clients with a tangible value and competitive edge.