Our Services

The primary goal of the data factory is to gather, ingest and process data within a stable and scalable architecture. 


Therefore, the primary goal of the data factory is centered on platforms and technologies. 


Our Big Data Engineers are responsible for collecting your poly-structured data in real and near real time and store this data in optimized formats, such as Hadoop or NoSQL Databases. 


Parallel to this process, your data are being processed (Cleansing, Data Modeling, Data Vault) and stored in optimized formats in Data Hubs. 



The primary goal of the Data Laboratory is the fast and efficient value generation from data. 


Developing information and data driven products, up until the pilot stage, is another core responsibility of the Insights Laboratory. 

These products are then being made available to our Data Factory. 


Our certified Big Data Scientists and Business Analysts are working closely together with your respective business units and develop new and innovative data-driven products. 





The Information Studio symbolizes the first step of the collaboration between our clients and Data Insights. 


Within the Information Studio, our experts are developing and implementing the strategy and architecture for the Information Management System. 


A further critical task of the Information Studio is to develop a well structured consulting approach and research methodology in collaboration with the business units of our clients.


This critical step is crucial in capturing the most value from the collaboration between Data Insights and its clients.